In the year 2016 Inclusive Finance and Development (InM) did a survey on thousands of household named “Street children” in rural areas of the country. Inclusive Finance and Development (InM) is a non-profit organization which established primarily to meet the research and training needs of national as well as global financial sector including microfinance institutions (MFIs).

Inclusive Finance and Development (InM)


The strategy of us as DIVO Solutions Limited was to ensure that the survey will be accurate and increased productivity.


As one of the best IT firm in Bangladesh on data extraction platform using ICR technology, DIVO Solutions Limited eliminated all the difficulties faced by InM during survey. We used ICR technology to extract data from ICR books that designed, printed and supply by us. Manual data entry is difficult & it is even complex process to deliver data to the authority. By using ICR technology, data extraction became 10 times faster than manual data entry which is a time-consuming process & left with many human errors. Using our ICR technology data can be process faster through ICR software which is much reliable than the manual data entry. It ensures accuracy of data.


  • Scope of plenty human errors.
  • Generating the database in is time consuming.
  • There was a specific time period to finish the survey.
  • Collect data from thousands of household on a specific period of time


  • ICR based data collection has made everything easy and changed the scenario and manual data collection process.
  • Ten time faster than manual data collection.
  • It insures 98% accuracy.
  • It has increased productivity.
  • Alongside it saves a large amount of money annually.
  • Reduce HR investment.