DGHS is one of the directorates of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. DGHS’s main concern is to provide technical & other support the ministry to implement their various programs.

One of the program is to maintain all the personal files related to all the doctors throughout Bangladesh. Based on those a report is generated at the end of the year known as Annual Confidential Report (ACR).
ACR plays a vital role to a doctor’s career because the doctors are given promotion, job fixation, selection grade and time scale based on the reports.

These ACRs are stored in a large record room piled up in large metal racks. And all the reports are manually maintained, searched & retrieved.

Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)
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Due to the nature of storage, DGHS had to face multiple difficulties cited below:

  • Had to invest a lot of time, money and space for report maintenance.
  • Retrieval of the reports would take days even.
  • The report archive volume was increasing day by day.
  • The was no backup system in case of emergency or environmental hazards.


DIVO Solutions Limited joined hands with DGHS and eliminated all the difficulties and complexities.

We have successful digitized and indexed all the reports according to client’s requirements, developed a customized document management software (DMS) which can easily search and retrieve the ACRs using doctor’s code or name.

Then all digitized documents uploaded to the system upon classification and indexing all the required metadata with those ACR to make the search & retrieve process easier and smoother for the user, Integration with HRM system also made many issues very easier.


After the digitization scenario has changed rapidly.

  • It is not only cost-effective but also increased productivity.
  • More interestingly, DGHS has now two ACRs libraries; one is physical and another is virtual. All of these developments will reshape their working capability.
  • As a key government institution, their performance is better and the is house coordination process is smoother than before.
  • Every information regarding ACR is now just one click away and now they have a fully operational recovery system of ACRs.

Alongside it saves a large amount of money annually, which was spent for its maintenance.