scanner maintenance


Why Scanner Maintenance Service?

Paper, no matter how high it may be in quality, is made of tiny threads of wood or cloth. Though not visible to the naked eyed, these threads separate from the paper surface as it is fed through the scanner.
This, over time, coats the glass and rollers and degrades the quality of the scans – or the accuracy of the OCR system that translates words and numbers.
Scanners are not airtight. This means that, no matter how diligent the support staff is in cleaning the scanner, dust and dirt will find its way into the mechanism. Over time, this dirt will coat the underside of the glass where the document is read, the mirrors, and even the photosensitive receptors that digitize the information.
The end result is again the potential for small imperfections in the scan that will cause the document to either have OCR errors or exhibit problems with images and photos.
Scanners must be maintained through regular cleaning and consumable part replacement. If cleaning and/or replacement does not take place, the following problems may arise.

  • Pages not being fed into the scanner properly/evenly.
  • Multiple feeding i.e. scanner pulling more than one page at a time.
  • Error messages reminding to replace the pads or rollers.
  • Image output will not be clear and satisfactory.
  • Color distortion etc.
  • Above all the longevity of the device

To have unprecedented productivity and to extend the scanner life we are offering scanner maintenance service round the year. To ensure safe long-lasting use after purchase or even after the expiration of warranty, DIVO follows up customers with a fully rounded support system.

Scanner maintenance service will ensure the following benefits and remove certain headache of yours.

Years experience


Years experience
Happy customers


Happy customers
End user satisfaction


End user satisfaction


(9-6) Customer Support


(9-6) Customer Support

Document Digitization can bring several benefits

  • Regular Maintenance

    This activity contains onsite maintenance like cleaning, calibrating, setting adjustment, re-configuration, training & preventative activity to ensure even flow of production.

  • Thorough Checkup

    Even though there are several regular maintenance throughout the year, we perform couple of Thorough Checkup to see the scanner conditions and take actions against it to ensure the is working fine. During these periods we maintain a precision level internal cleaning, change consumables and diagnose health.

  • Consumables

    The scanner consumables needs to replace the way it is recommended by Manufacturer. Once you are under maintenance contract, don’t worry about a thing, DIVO shall replace all types of consumables required for the flawless performance.

  • Parts

    Like consumables any electronic part of the scanner can be damaged as well and that might happen before the ROI hits, DVO shall replace the parts to make the scanner live again.

  • Back Up Unit

    We understand the importance of your investment and nature of your production. Reason why, whenever we bring your faulty scanner in our premises to fix it we provide you an equivalent scanner to carry on your scanning job.

  • Consultancy

    As technology is growing fast day by day making our work process simpler, we suggest better idea, settings, configuration and way of working for the scanning job to simplify your life.