Data Capture/Entry

The need to process hundreds or thousands of forms daily can quickly become an expensive headache and a distraction from core business.
Your company has specific goals and needs, and hence has different data entry service requirements than others. You will be provided with different services according to the suitability of your need. The services are as follows (i) direct data entry from paper forms, (ii) data capture from digital forms through OCR or manual, (iii) data capture from handwritten information using ICR technology or (iv) if your requirement includes immediate data access from its source of origin, then we also provide mobile/tab based data collection services. No matter which service you require, we understand that your utmost concern is with accuracy of data, and quality of our service.

We have a proven track record of providing service to our clients with 95% – 99.99% accuracy rate. We use multiple validation level method to ensure highest level of accuracy possible. Also we are open to any of your suggestion to enhance your data accuracy.

Your data will be in the hands of people having experience of even up to 13 years. A separate project coordinator will be provided who will be your point of contact for 12 hours or 24/7 in accordance with project requirement. Daily, weekly and monthly report will be provided to give you a clear picture of the project progress.

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Years experience
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Happy customers
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Production capacity

Outsourcing Data Capture/Entry Service can benefit you in many ways

  • Faster data entry

    Significantly reduce the manual effort, saves time and money and lets business to focus on their core activity.

  • Higher data accuracy

    Increases the accuracy through ICR/OCR technology and results in to clean data which you can bank on via several verification and validation rules.

  • Scalability

    As your business grows or daily load increases due to any campaign, you don’t need to worry about the CAPEX, we shall scale up accordingly and adjust the load.

  • Free up space

    As we provide offsite service (you can chose onsite service as well) tons of forms/documents can be transferred to our premises and you can utilize the expensive spaces for other important purposes.

  • Better service

    Faster Access to information allows your staff to respond to customer requests and enquirers faster.