Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) is an Indian Infrastructure development and finance company. It operates through more than 250 subsidiaries. Bangladesh Government wanted to make a central service system that will include all land related documents, and for that purpose they ran a pilot project in 7 districts. Among these 7 districts IL&FS hire us as a digitization partners for Dinajpur and Gazipur District for the purpose of archiving. There were three types of khatians, CS from British period, SA from Pakistan period and RS from Bangladesh period. At the time of scanning 90% of CS khatians was destroyed, we used our experience experts to do this digitization. We had to use different types of production scanners to digitized those types of documents.

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS)


Due to the nature of Khatians, we had to face multiple difficulties cited below:

  • Had to invest a lot of time.
  • Paper quality was too bad.
  • Khatians were not synchronized and been haphazard.
  • The khatians archive volume was increasing day by day.
  • There was no backup system in case of emergency or environmental hazards.
  • Work station was at remote area.


DIVO Solutions Limited joined hands with IL & FS and eliminated all the difficulties and complexities.

We have successfully scanned and archived all the khatians according to Government requirements, we delivered the data to IL&FS in the purpose of quick search and retrieve in a central system.


  • We contributed our part to maximized their productivity.
  • We used production level scanner to digitize documents that saves much Time.
  • We made our contribution to digitization on a National level.