Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP) is a multidisciplinary non-profit research organization established in 1980 chiefly to conduct seminars, workshops, roundtable discussions, conferences, researches, and dialogues on various national, regional, and international key development issues (such as socioeconomic issues, sustainable development issues, environmental and cultural issues etc.).Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad has been playing a very significant role to conduct research on various national important socioeconomic development issues and dialogue activities.

Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad (BUP)


In the year 2015 they did a research on livelihood of poor households of Bangladesh with a particular focus on micro-credit. Due to the nature of research BUP faces multiple difficulties such as:

  • There was a specific time period to finish the survey.
  • Generating the database was time consuming.
  • Collect data from thousands of household on a specific period of time.
  • Manual data entry is time consuming.


DIVO Solutions Limited, being one of the best IT firm in Bangladesh on data extraction platform using ICR technology eliminated all the difficulties of BUP and has completed the project of ICR Based Questionnaire Printing and Data Capturing Service for BUP successfully. DIVO Solutions Limited has accomplished the following services under this project:

  • ICR Questionnaire Design
  • ICR questionnaire books Printing
  • Questionnaire books Scanned for data capturing as well as generate a digital copy of the survey books.
  • Data capture using ICR Technology
  • Verification, Validation to achieve desired data quality & achieve data accuracy
  • Data delivery in .mdb/.csv & images in .pdf


ICR based data collection has made everything easy and changed the scenario and manual data collection process.

  • It has increased productivity.
  • It insures 98% accuracy.
  • Alongside it saves a large amount of money annually.
  • Reduce HR investment.
  • Ten time faster than manual data collection.