data collection platform


Data Collection Platform

Mobile based data collection is an increasingly popular method of data collection. Over 50% of surveys today are opened on mobile/smart phones/tablet – QuestBack-22 October 2015.
These devices offer innovative ways to gather data, and eliminate the laborious “data entry” (of paper form data into a computer), which delays data analysis and understanding. By eliminating paper, mobile data collection can also dramatically reduce costs. ZuZu is a platform with a set of tools which helps organizations to simplify their data collection process. ZuZu is the perfect platform to offer organizations to build any kind of data collection form/questionnaire, collect the data on a mobile/tablet and send it to a server.

How it Works

Create any kind of survey forms through our ZuZu form builder, simplified enough for anyone to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Yet, you will be able to create most complex and advanced forms.
After form creation you can start collecting survey data on any device. Regardless what kind of device is being used, entire survey can be conducted in offline. Edit data before submission, check submission history and finding his/her position in the leader board.
Download your data for analysis in other software or inspect your data from the moment after it was collected. ZuZu supports download in .CSV, Excel and other formats which can be easily imported from any data analysis software for further progressive analysis.

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Years experience
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Happy customers
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End user satisfaction
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Production capacity

Benefits our data collection platform

  • Higher Accuracy

    In the conversion process (manual data entry from the form/questionnaire) there always are great mistakes like missing a filed data while the entry process or keying a wrong ID or even putting a wrong value in a field and so on, which can leads you to compromise the total quality of the project. On the contrary using a smartphone in this regard will surely allow us to put validation to get rid of those problems and thus ensures high quality data.

  • Complete Data

    Regardless of accuracy the smart phone based data collection give us complete data

  • Real-Time Data Collection

    One of the main problem we face we can’t see the condition of the data until we finish the entire collection and data entry. But this solution allows us to see real time data, we can see what we have accomplished and what’s left in terms of target.

  • Change Management

    Since the entire system is centralized, it’s very easy to adopt any change in the form.

  • GPS Information Tagging

    It’s a great tool to know the latitude and longitude of a point. We can now easily identify where exactly the household/outlet is situated.