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Bangladesh is not very far from reaching the advancement in technology which the developed countries have already achieved. With government initiatives and peoples acceptance of new tech Bangladesh is advancing radically in technology. This progress has a huge impact on every business. It is very evident from the different kinds of automations which are being adopted in every business sector. Go Paperless

Information is the blood of every business and government organization. Records, reports, invoices, orders, every information is so innately involved in every business and government process that improper management could lead to heavy damage to the government or business. To coup with the global advancement the government and businesses institutes of Bangladesh are planning on transforming all their paper based information into electronic/digital formats.

We are the bridge to YOUR progress. You can easily transform your paper based office setup into a full-fledged digital office. And the first step of doing that is to digitize/scan all you document backlog. You can be provided up to 1000000 document/month scanning service with our high speed document scanning setup to digitize your backlog in the fasted method possible. You will also have access to different scanning time frame and document volume packages to meet your scanning/digitizing requirements. You will be further facilitated with our experienced digitizing HR to complete your job in a highly organized and comprehensive manner.

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Document Digitization can bring several benefits

  • Never Lose a Document

    According to a study by Cooper and Lybrand, “7.5% of all documents get lost and 3% of the remainder is misfiled.” This suggests that out of every one hundred documents, ten documents are sitting on the wrong desk, being removed from the office, etc. Some documents cannot be reproduced if lost. This dramatically increases the risks and costs associated with paper filing systems.

  • Easy Sharing

    Paper-based filing systems allow paper documents to reside in only one place at a time. To share documents, office workers generally make their own copies. According to Cooper and Lybrand, “The average document gets copied 19 times, and of course, many of these copies also get filed.”

  • Tight Security

    It is hard to keep track of who has used or copied which paper documents. Paper documents are often maintained with very low security control. Your company risks leaking critical information to unauthorized personnel.

  • Storage problem

    A document imaging system allows you to store 23,333 pages on a Tk.50 DVD or 5332000 pages on a 200 GB external hard drive costing approximately Tk.3000. You may tell the difference by comparing the onetime charge a Tk.3000 external hard drive to the annual rent and overhead cost of maintaining a huge number of file cabinets for storing 5332000 documents.

  • Faster access

    Finding and retrieving a document using a paper-based system is slow. In situations where information contained in a document is required immediately to response to a customer’s request, the delay may cause customer dissatisfaction. In addition, re-filing paper documents wastes time and may result in misplacement of the files.